The HRpack is a fully integrated and feature rich component that offers full HRM data storage and reporting. Being fully integrated makes reporting on payroll and HR data easy.

The HRpack includes modules for storing and reporting on the following information
• Position management
• Employment event management
• Performance management
• Training management
• Skills management
• Property issues


Position Management Module

The POSITIONS module forms the core of the HRpack as it sets the company hierarchy and enables the MSS (Manager Self Service) and advanced workflows to be implemented. While the POSITIONS module is required for high-level processes to work properly, other HRpack modules can be implemented without the creation of any positions. This option means different company staff can manage their specialist area without relying on others i.e. the Training Manager can implement the training and skills management modules, staff property issues can be recorded etc.


Skills Management Module

As with all the HRpack modules, the SKILLS module is fully integrated into HR3pay. The SKILLS module stores both skills and competencies and uses the same
skill sets as the POSITIONS module. This important fact ensures accurate reporting and a central database for all company and non-company skills recording.


Training Management Module

The TRAINING module can be used for many different tasks. Information recorded does not need to be limited to just company related training. Training can include secondary/tertiary qualifications, certificates courses (first aid etc), personal development (public speaking etc) and much more. Skills grouping means you can filter out any unnecessary skills from appearing on screen or in reports. Clever training/skills checking tools can show you staff who have not attended mandatory training.


Property Management Module

The PROPERTY module lets the user record any staff issued property or similar items i.e. company car, notebook computer etc. This module can also link record asset details for linking to your asset management system.


Employment Management Module

The EVENTS module is used to track all employee employment events. This can include OH&S inductions, performance reviews, probationary reviews, disciplinary actions, IR issues, salary reviews, injuries, RTW (Return To Work) and many other events. It’s really up to the end user to decide how they want to use this module.


Task Management

The TASKS module is similar to the MS-Outlook TO DO and TASKS features in that it can store work actions and reminders for many HR and Payroll related events. HR3pay comes with an integrated Task Manager. The Task Manager can help facilitate the critical flow of information and alert individuals of upcoming events or tasks they are required to be part of. Similar to programs such as MS-Outlook, the HR3pay Task Manager makes it easy to share information and data. Being part of HR3pay means the Task Manager has the added advantage of being fully integrated to all areas of the Payroll & HR


Document Management Module

HR3pay comes with a fully featured document manager. The document manager can link as well import documents with security access and many other features.