If your company needs a powerful payroll system then HR3pay is exactly what you need; flexible, easy to use, MS-SQL Server and more.
HR3pay is a cost effective payroll solution for all businesses. HR3pay is built on a Client/Server platform and boasts many outstanding features. of N-tier architecture means using popular databases such as MS SQL Server and Interbase is as simple as turning on a flag.


Multiple Document Interface

Users can perform multiple tasks at the same time (you can even process a payroll while others are logged in).

Automate Time Consuming Tasks

Payslips can be automatically emailed, superannuation payments can be made electronically, export payroll journal for many leading ERP systems including SAP Business One.


Outstanding reporting

HR3pay comes with a number of different reporting tools. The standard tool is the Report Explorer. The Report Explorer is pre-loaded with over 200 standard reports and provides a logical folder layout for both the System reports and any User Reports that have been created using the optional and award-winning Report Builder PRO. Although they look and work just like folders in Windows Explorer, the HR3 Report Explorer folders are stored within the database and are not visible to anyone other than a HR3pay user. As well as being output to a printer, all reports can also be; previewed, output to an Adobe PDF document, Excel spreadsheet, a comma separated (CSV) file, text emulation file, HTML document, Lotus spreadsheet, Quattro Pro spreadsheet, graphic file, rich text file (RTF) or emailed directly in any of these formats.


Totally flexible

HR3pay pay items are easy to customise and are extremely flexible.
• Unlimited Pay Items.
• Percentage based Pay Items (user-defined calculation of included components i.e. which pay item amounts does the percentage use for its calculation).
• Reimbursement pay items – includes the ability to define the GST percentage for separate G/L posting.
• Deductions can have the relevant BSB and account details entered for Electronic payment via online banking.
• Non Cash Benefit pay items with appropriate FBT Gross Up rate – these employer paid items can be included in an employees pay with the ability to define as eligible for superannuation, liable for state payroll tax and workers compensation etc. Reportable FBT Enquiry can be used to assist in calculating the FBT amount for Payment Summaries.
• General Ledger export of payrun figures
• General Ledger Interface (GLI) to SAP B1, Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains), Microsoft Dynamics SL (Solomon), Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision), Pronto, ACCPAC Pro, ACCPAC Advantage, Sage Pastel Evolution, SYSPRO, System 77, MYOB and many more
• General Ledger provision for leave, payroll tax and workcover figures.



Customisation – Leave Items

• Flexible Leave accrual definitions – each leave type can be individually set to accrue for each pay item.
• Leave AUDIT (movements) – complete history of every change made to an employee’s leave balances whether via a Payrun or operator override.
• Unlimited ‘Other Leave’ accrual types – Productivity Leisure Days etc
• Personal (Sick) leave – up to 5 different accrual rates based on years of service.
• Personal (Sick) leave – cumulative or non-cumulative, maximum hours, in advance or pro-rata accruals.
• Long Service Leave – separate entitlements for pre August ’78, August ‘78 to August ‘93 and post August ’93 components.
• Unlimited non-accrual leave types – Army Reserve, Training, Study Leave, Bereavement Leave etc.
• Full leave history reporting of all leave types including non accrual types.
• Approved leave requests can be automatically linked to a future pay period.



HR3pay uses a number of user-friendly and familiar controls. The NAVIGATOR is a quick and effective way of accessing all HR3pay functions from one location. In effect, the Navigator is a dynamic menu system. The operator can access the Navigator from anywhere within HR3pay. From there, operators can quickly and easily navigate to the function they wish to use. This can be done via the keyboard or the mouse. Additional navigation is available via the HR3pay menus and function key Quicklinks.



HR3pay uses a number of different search options to find employees and other details quickly. The GLOBAL SEARCH facility is available from anywhere in HR3pay. The Global Search facility is similar to the search function used within Windows itself. The operator enters the text that they wish to search for and the AREA it is likely to be in. The Global Search facility also supports wildcards such as * and ?.


Employee Details

HR3pay has many user-friendly and powerful options in the area of employee data storage. Following is an example of some.

• Add new Employee Wizard
• Unlimited address types and entries (e.g. Residential, PO Box, Business, Overseas etc)
• Unlimited phone types and entries (e.g. Home, Mobile, Pager, Fax, Extension etc)
• Unlimited superannuation funds with multiple contributions to different funds at the same time.
• Unlimited contacts and contact information
• Unlimited bank account splits
• Unlimited Pay Items per employee with unlimited different rates of pay.
• Unlimited leave accrual types per employee
• Percentage based payments and deductions (e.g. loan repayment at 10% of Ordinary wages).
• Unlimited costing splits per employee
• Preview an employees standard pay.Also allows for what if scenarios.
• Deductions can have commencement date, final date, reducing balances and protected earnings.
• Caters for non-cash benefit payments and Reportable Fringe Benefits tracking.
• Unlimited time & date stamped notations within user defined Notes Types.
• Unlimited time & date stamped employment status changes.
• Unlimited time & date stamped tasks with Reminder date / time facility.
• Wide variety of enquiries accessible from Employee Details screen.
• Enquiry screens can be replaced with ‘plug in’ enquiry screens generated via the optional Report writer.


Employee HR Details

The optional HRpack offers the end user a fully-integrated HR and payroll management system. Some options follow.

• Employee training
• Employee skills
• Employee licenses
• Employee certificates
• Employee education
• Employee OH&S inductions
• Employee OH&S training
• Employee issued property
• Employee Performance reviews
• Employee planner.


The HR3pay Payrun

The HR3pay payrun is amongst the most powerful available. The following are some of the features and options.

• The Payrun Wizard controls step by step processing
• Unlimited Payruns can be open at any time
• Payruns can be pre-input – e.g. annual leave pays for Christmas can be entered at any time.
• Wide selection of Payrun filter conditions allows the operator to easily add groups of required employees into a payrun.
• Keyboard shortcuts designed to speed data entry with minimal mouse use.
• Fractional Pay Periods allowed – e.g. 1.20 Weeks.
• Payrun override of employee tax scale, banking splits etc.
• In a multi-user environment payruns can be updated without other users having to logout.
• Transaction rollback. If a payrun update fails for any reason, all transactions rollback automatically.
• Employee payslip preview option.
• Visual pay calculations breakdown for leave accruals, tax calculations, super calculations etc.
• Re-print a payslip from any prior period, even previous financial years.
• Payslips can be emailed and include company logo, global employer message, employee specific message, annual, sick, long service, RDO and Flextime entitlements.
• Any line item in a payrun can be annotated with a memo. The memo can be flagged to print or not print on the payslip.
• Allocate a pay item to unlimited department costing splits by % or hours.
• Warning/error messages are displayed in real time as data is entered, are colour-coded to show status and remain with Payrun history for as long as history is kept.


Data Explorer and Cross-Tab Analyser

Using the optional Data Exploroer and Crosstab Analyzer, you can turn a large amount of data into a compact report with easily manageable results. The Crosstab Analyzer can perform a visual modeling of the report’s structure by manually rearranging fields across different areas or within a particular zone or by hiding them in the customization form.

• 1. Filter Header area allows you to specify the columns of data that you want to filter on. In the above example we have specified Cost Centre. Please note that you may also filter on any of the Column and Row fields specified.
• 2. Data Header area specifies the columns of numerical data that you want to total in the Data Area. In the above example this is shown as Gross.
• 3. Column Header area specifies the columns that breakdown the nominated data fields. In the above example this is shown as Month No and Month.
• 4. Row Header area specifies the rows that breakdown the nominated data fields. In the example above this is shown as Financial Year, Company Name and Departments.
• 5. Column Field Values this is the actual column data specified in (3) above. In the above example this is shown as 1 – July, 2 August etc.
• 6. Automatic Grand Total (Column) The Crosstab Analyzer will automatically total each of the row data fields specified in (4) above.
• 7. Row Field Values this is the actual row data specified in (4) above. In the above example this is shown as the Financial Year (2005, 2006), company (Bumble Bee) and departments (Administration etc).
• 8. Data Area also referred to as the “Results Pane”, this shows the actual total gross value for each column and row.
• 9. Automatic Grand Total (Row) The Crosstab Analyzer will automatically total each of the column data fields specified in (3) above.


Workflow Management tools

HR3pay comes with many options and tools designed to make your life easier. These people and task management tools are available through optional modules such as the ADpack, HRpack, ARpack and the web-based HR3kiosk. Some of these options are as follows.

• A Task Manager that can include a reminder date & time. Pop up reminders will display at appropriate time and the task can either be dismissed, snoozed or actioned immediately.
• A User-defined FAVOURITES folder for quick access to common tasks, reports etc.
• Organisation chart driven workflows.
• Email notification of tasks and actions required.
• Manager and employee planners displaying all relevant tasks and reminders and … much more.