HR3kiosk is a perfect companion for the HR3pay Payroll management system. This affordable and easy to use business tool can significantly improve productivity by reducing time consuming requests. With HR3kiosk employees and managers can access their own information online. The following summary highlights some of the features and functions of HR3kiosk.

HR3kiosk is fully Internet enabled. HR3kiosk is written using the Microsoft .NET development platform and can be deployed for both Intranet and Internet access on most common browsers. HR3kiosk has real time access and updating and comes with a powerful security module to ensure data is accessed by the right person.



Employee Self Service

The HR3kiosk allows employees (with the proper security access) to view and update their details. This includes address, contacts, next of kin, bank accounts, HR information and much more. Employees can also view their leave details, check and project leave balances, request leave online and check leave availibility.


Manager Self Service

The HR3kiosk helps managers to perform their tasks by displaying workflow items that require their attention. Additional details are available in company announcemnts and TO DO action items.


Automated Workflows

HR3kiosk features a number of automated workflows. These workflows alert managers and approvers by email of any outstanding requests and the status of the request. The workflow requestor is also notified by email of any changes to their request(s) made by an approver or manager.


Employee HR Details

HR3kiosk also allows employees to access their Human Resource details. This includes training, skills, licenses, qualifications, issued property as well as performance review information and more.


Company Organisation

The HR3kiosk includes an online organisation chart tool. This option lets the user view the entire company structure as well as search for key individuals and/or positions.



The HR3kiosk includes a number of Calendar/Planners so that both managers and employees can check for any activity/tasks scheduled for them.



The HR3kiosk lets all employees access their payslips, YTD information, Superannuation totals and several other reports. Employees can view information as well as save reports locally or print them out for hard copy storage